In the Community – Randy Darrow and PAL – Ft Myers

In the Community – Randy Darrow and PAL – Ft Myers


When not owning and operating five Palm Printing/The Print Shop locations, Randy Darrow strives to make a difference in his Community. While owning Palm Printing/The Print Shop, Randy has been involved with the Police Athletic League (PAL) of Fort Myers for seven years – serving as its President for the last four.

PAL had its beginnings over 100 years ago as a way for youth and local officers to build relationships and trust in the community.  PAL Fort Myers is still doing that today. Currently they work with youth in Boxing, Football, Cheerleading and Basketball leagues as well as a development program for young leaders.

“It’s an honor to give back” says Randy. “It’s local business that helped Kim (Randy’s wife) and I grow our company. Giving back to our community is a privilege for me.  To be involved with PAL and create a positive, safe path for kids growing up in fort Myers helps guarantee we will continue to have a great future here.”

To See the program in action, you may click here to see the recent FOX4 coverage of their boxing program, or Visit their website at

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