In the Community: Don Pratt – Naples Bears Football



Production Manager, Donny Pratt, produces more than just a quality printed piece; he produces winning football teams as well. He started with his oldest son Ethan, a incoming Junior at Palmetto Ridge High and now coaches his youngest son Owen, a member of the twelve-year and under team.


In his eleventh year as a youth football coach, Donny has worked with over 400 players from four to twelve years of age.  It hasn’t been always been a player or coach’s dream.  He inherited a program that didn’t win a single game his first season.  “It was tough,” said Donny “but the kids kept learning and working hard, and they became a good little team.”


Along with his wife and team mom, Kim, the team and program has become more than just football.  After Hurricane Irma shortened their season, they all came together for the community.  “Everybody was checking on each other to see how the other families made out.  We all kinda knew we could depend on each other for whatever was needed.”


Donnie’s team rallied in that Irma shortened season to make the playoffs and they continue to work as the Spring season is coming to a close.  If you happen to see a Palmetto Ridge HS game this year, chances are good you’ll see “Coach Donny” at the top of the stands watching all his kids getting it done on the field.




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