Do I really need Carbonless Forms in a “Paperless” Age?

Do I really need Carbonless Forms in a “Paperless” Age?

The simple answer is ABSOLUTLY! Now more than ever.  The use of carbonless form can help eliminate communication issues, customer service issues, office issues and much more.

Technology is great but does leave open the opportunity for miscommunication.  Whether its on a tablet, smartphone or laptop; communication with your customers understanding is not guaranteed.  Too often customers will acknowledge, but not read, the intended message in your estimates and invoices until they have already signed it electronically.  This confusion in communication can be frustrating for both the business professional who began their work and the customer who was not fully understanding what they were getting.

Carbonless forms can eliminate this confusion.  Having a tangible form that can be held, read and interpreted easily will help encourage successful communication before any agreement is reached. When and form is handed to a customer or potential client, they are more likely to read the points of the agreement BEFORE signing.  This eliminates any misconceptions before any work begins.

Carbonless form also guarantees that both parties receive a tangible receipt. By having a “Hard Copy” form that won’t end up in a spam filter, incorrect email address or “in the cloud”.  Too often, the advantages of technology are dependent on technology working.  The use of a form always allows for a scan or photo for digital storage but guarantees accessibility regardless of technology.

In short, forms compliment a “paperless” environment.  They can ultimately go into some form of digital storage but can make sure communication and customer satisfaction remain at a high standard right from the start.

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