18 Tips to Help Your Organization Grow in ’18

  1. Make your brand identity a company goal – Share it with your team and have evaluation sessions to see how they are doing communicating it with your customers


  1. Make sure your brand fits your customer – Be sure you identify your audience before creating/recreating your brand. If you are marketing to seniors, for example, your branding should avoid using small or scripted type that is hard to read.


  1. Combine Paths – A post card that makes an offer, then takes you to a registration page to get it, followed up with an email to thank them with links to like you on Facebook or leave a Google review is an effective and useful campaign. It also creates a longer lifespan for your investment.


  1. Launch an Online/Printed Newsletter – Keep yourself out there to be seen on a regular basis. Your audience will come to recognize your brand via the consistent exposure.


  1. Run a $3/day Facebook campaign – A small investment can go a long way if you use the filters and geographic optimizations available to send your message. Call our office at 239-775-3553 and ask Haley on how we can help your set up your campaign.


  1. Invest in yourself as a brand – Never forget that the brand is only as good as the person/team behind it. Try to accentuate you/your team in your branding to create loyalty and personal relationships.


  1. Let the Pros take the Photos – the new cameras can take high resolution photos, but it’s the professionals that have the added equipment and expertise that can make you, your team or your product stand out from the rest.


  1. A picture is worth a Thousand words… But a video may be worth a Thousand Customers. -Consumers are 65% more likely to stay on your web/social media environments if information is presented in video form.


  1. What does Google say? – Making sure your search information is correct and that you are responding to customers input can go a long way in developing credibility for your brand.  The Print Shop & More has a program for as little as $65/month that can help you with your listings across more than 70 different platforms.


  1. Get in the Game – nearly 2/3 of companies surveyed say they will be increasing their budgets to market across multiple avenues. If you’re not making the investment, someone else will.


  1. Are you social? – 100% of all Fortune 500 companies are active on either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They obviously see the value in them, do you?


  1. Get Personal – A written note goes a long way. In the world of email and text, the written note has become an extremely useful and appreciated tool in developing personal relationships.


  1. Find the diamond for your budget – From the obvious (printed newsletters, post cards, websites, social medial) to the not-so-obvious (Pandora, school sponsorships, geographic search/alerts), research where your audience is daily and use it in your marketing plan.


  1. Go Live – When hosting a big event, find ways to allow persons not in attendance to experience it with you. From live auctions with an internet medium to a Grand Opening of a new location – the more the merrier.


  1. Be Smart – Your audience will continue to listen to you, and your credibility increases when you share information that may help them.


  1. Be Funny – You audience will continue to visit/read/watch if you can give them something that will make their day a little happier.


  1. Don’t forget the tangible – The printed piece is still an important part of your branding. Today, the professionally printed piece shows a commitment to quality to your consumer with the investment to impress.


  1. Color your World – What do the colors you use say about you? Does it make you Resourceful (blues and oranges), Playful (yellow), Discrete (pink), Sophisticated (Gold) or Diverse (Rose/Red)?  The colors you use make a big difference in the brand/message you send.


To learn more on how The Print Shop & More can help you with your brand, marketing or communication.  Please contact Tim Philbrick at (239) 775-3553.